The Red Tree House, La Condessa – Mexico City

Images from The Red Tree Hotel, Condesa, Mexico City, January 2017

We didn't stay at A Red Tree House, in La Condessa, Mexico City ... but when Anon got caught short one day they very kindly let him use their facilities... so the article below rings true to me. Very kind people. Kerri Ainsworth stays here with Art Travel Adventures and has only good things to say about them....

A Red Tree House guest attending a convention in Mexico City was asked by another attendee where she was staying. “I’m staying with friends” she replied. This is how we want all of our guests to feel, that they are staying with hosts who offer genuine hospitality and who want to share their enthusiasm for this great city and all it has to offer. This is what makes The Red Tree House special.

If you are simply looking for a nice room, there are many places to stay in Mexico City. If, however, you also appreciate cordial hosts, attentive service and the experience of meeting a diverse group of interesting fellow travelers, you will not find a more welcoming atmosphere. We are pleased that many lasting friendships have begun over a glass of wine in the living room of the Red Tree House. It is the perfect place for the single traveler and the first time visitor to meet friends and learn about the richness of Mexico City

Our guests are generally people who appreciate the beauty of Mexican culture, food, and history and want to engage rather than observe from a distance. Some are budget travelers while others are able to stay anywhere but choose The Red Tree House for its great neighborhood and friendly staff.

The house itself was built in the 1930’s and it is reported that the occupants have all been artists of some form or other; writers, painters, and actors. Rooms are tastefully decorated, exceedingly clean and guests frequently comment on the comfortable beds and quality linens. They range in size from the very tiny Treehouse, to our modest standard rooms, to the expansive Penthouse. All rooms have private baths with showers. For more information about our accommodations click Rooms.



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