Seafood, Fennel and Lime Salad – Ottolenghi

Seafood, fennel and lime salad is as Ottolenghi says go together like sun, sea and sandcastles. You can almost smell the Mediterranean here in this dish, which needs little more


A Day trip to Lake Biwa for Lunch – Japan

We did a day trip to Lake Biwa to have lunch with the designer Sally Smith. Sally lives in this charming little village that hugs the shores of the Lake

The Female Rage Reading List – 16 Books

A Female Rage Reading List: 16 Books That Scream to Be Read. An increasing number of novels are putting women’s anger front and center. Here are some of our favorites.


The Rules that rule Japan – some tips

The rules that rule Japan can be baffling it is true and there are so so many of them..example walk or the left and pass on the right – this