First Look – La Condesa, Mexico City

Images of the suburb and dogs of Condesa, Mexico City, January 2017. © Lorrie Graham Blog

We spent two weeks La Condesa Mexico City, a place that stole our hearts and made us realise our love for Mexico is just beginning. The laid-back pace of Mexico suited us after the energy of Cuba and despite being one of the world’s largest cities, we found Mexico City both manageable and charming.

This was largely due to where we stayed in the the bohemian district of La Condesa, a fashionable area with tree-lined streets and a bounty of cute restaurants, cafes and boutiques. It neighbours Roma, a similarly arty enclave, but with more of a hipster edge, and we fell in love with both.

One of the first things I noticed about La Condesa ... the dogs. At Parque Mexico, a lush haven full of art and walkways, I noticed a large group of very chilled dogs, sitting, just waiting. I soon learned that this was dog school, a place where people leave their dogs to be taught obedience by a group of what must be dog whisperers.

On a walk around Amsterdam Avenue a circular leafy path I was passed by several dog walkers each with a pack of at least six dogs. The love of the Dog is evident everywhere.

One of the appeals of Condesa is simply the beauty of it’s streets. It’s made up of lots of charming, wide avenues, with trees that form a canopy above. When you’re in one of the biggest cities in the world, these touches of nature are greatly appreciated.

One of the best tips from the Manager of Stella B&B was to sign up to Uber. It was cheap, safe and very reliable. I do regret not having taken a least one trip on the subway however ... next time.


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  1. La Condesa is the perfect place to stay in Mexico City. It and La Roma are full of interesting bars, cafes and restaurants as well as secretive little shops and quaint hidden places. I love to just wander around the streets and discover something different every time I visit. This is my first choice when I take my ART Travel Adventures tours to Mexico. And we stay in the places you’ve mentioned in your blog, which are really outstanding.

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