Renata Molho – Style

  I love this woman …. I hope its not because she still likes a smoke ….. she has a way with colour and glasses, which seem to be key


Kerry McNamara’s latest style story

Its been awhile since catching up with Kerry, a regular on this blog, I was not at all surprised she had gathered a little Wales Bonner, but I particularly loved the late husband Jims suit reworked by Kerry and inspired by Julie Pelipas.


The magical Sue Bail

Sue Bail made our trip to Morocco. The sister of friend Kath Bail, Sue is a traveller having spent more time out of Australia than in it. ……… read more


The Style and Passions of Robin Powell

I first met Robin Powell when she edited the iconic fashion Magazine Follow Me in the 80’s. Her dinner parties were such an inspiration and bench mark of hosting for