Want something Done .. get an older woman

Want something Done get an older woman…It might work for America thanks to Nancy Pelosi it worked for me at the local Westpac bank last week. TWO DAYS IN THE

Denise Graef, 57. Fighter, Overcomer, Questioner

Denise Graef shares how she overcame a potentially fatal diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis by refusing to stand still. Questioning authorities, investigating what worked, and moving, always forward. She refused to

The Greek island ‘where people forget to die’ – Ikaria

There’s a good reason why the Greek island of Ikaria, located in the far east of the Mediterranean, has been called “the island where people forget to die”. On this


Toast Circle – Living more consciously

Toast is a label that is getting so many things right, their models span the many age brackets and now they have started Toast Circle. Australian labels please take note…..this