The Road from Euroa to Trentham – Victoria

We took the backroads from Euroa to Trentham on our recent road trip to Melbourne. The country is beautiful, the wineries a plenty. Also picked up some sensational Olive Oil


Want something Done .. get an older woman

Want something Done get an older woman…It might work for America thanks to Nancy Pelosi it worked for me at the local Westpac bank last week. TWO DAYS IN THE


Ms Jeune Pritchard – Style Icon – Braidwood

Jeune Pritchard was one of the very first style shoots I did for this blog. At the time she was still working at SBS now Jeune spends more time on

Denise Graef, 57. Fighter, Overcomer, Questioner

Denise Graef shares how she overcame a potentially fatal diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis by refusing to stand still. Questioning authorities, investigating what worked, and moving, always forward. She refused to