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Lorrie has tens of thousands of images accumulated during her 35 + years work as a photojournalist. These are being progressively digitised, and uploaded to digital portfolios that can be viewed at

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  1. Dear Lorrie – loved your blog on the ever stylish Joyce Ma. I am based in the UK and am involved with the Hong Kong Society there…would love to be in touch with her to see if she ever comes to the UK and might address members at some event? My email is
    My maiden name in HK was Karen Penlington

  2. Dear Lorrie

    I was wondering if you can put me in touch with Stephen or Alison from Original Finish.

    I bought a beautiful myrtle table from them in 1997, which I adore. Unfortunately, it was ‘minded’ by a friend for a few years and now needs attention. I did not want to do anything before I sought their advice and hoped that even though (sadly) Original Finish no longer exists, they may still point me in the right direction of what to do.

    Can you please put me in contact with them, or them with me?

    Many thanks

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  3. Good morning,

    I work for a Dutch-based, international orientated textile magazine, called: “Textiel Plus”,

    For our next issue, which we are just starting to work on now, the subject will be: knit and crochet ​and we think one of the artists you have interviewed, called Catherine Hearse, really interesting and beautiful work that resonates with those principles. ​We would therefore very much like to write an article about her work, but do not know how to reach her, and you did so recently, so you might have an email adress. Can you perhaps give me her mail adress, put me in touch with her, or act as an intermediary, so that we can devote attention to this work in our magazine?

    We will do an interview with the artist by mail or skype and ask to send a couple of photographs in 300 dpi.

    The publication is free, and we will send a PDF of the article and a couple of magazines when edited.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

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  4. Hi Lorrie, My name is lottie I am a tv producer and trying to get hold of a tony edwards – a friend of yours? I am hoping you could pass on my details to him so he could contact me as soon as he had some time? It’s for a documentary. All good I promise! my details are or 0499241704. my full name is lottie naughton-rumbo in case you should want to google me to check i am who i say i am.

    Hopefully speak soon! thank you!
    Lottie x

  5. Hi there, I’m seeking a contact for Jeune Pritchard for a project about Allen Ginsberg’s visit to Australia in 1972 (she interviewed him for the ABC). I see you have featured her a couple of times on this site. All help much appreciated.

  6. Hi
    I am trying to get in contact with Tony Edwards. I believe he once worked as an architect with my cousin Mr Harry Sprintz.
    Sadly Harry passed away this week and we are trying to get in contact with all the architects who worked with him.
    I’d be grateful if he could be informed of this information.

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  7. Hi Lorrie

    I’m just acquitting a grant for Local at Learmonts and wondered if I could screen shot/save a pdf of your blog post to attach to the final report? It is such a beautiful representation of what our co-operative is all about!

  8. Hi Lorrie,
    My name is Gavin 59
    A friend is living the short time due to terminal cancer.
    My story is that I want to carve something from captain Goodvibes on the lid . He is 58 and would surely give him a smile. I desperately want to contact Tony Edwards and would be great if you could give him my number.

  9. Hi, I am looking for images of the House in Fez for a media publication. Please could you let me know if you have any that I can please use and what credit goes with them? Thanks, Imogen

  10. Hi Lorrie,
    Dasha’s friend Glenys Rowe here. Could you please call me? 0411254255
    Its about the cat.
    Thank you,

  11. Hi Lorrie,
    Just saw your post on the Seven Creeks Hotel in Euroa and loved the photos. Checked out more of your posts and they were equally good. I own the Old National Bank in Euroa built in 1885 (including the “Likatibro – Antiques, Art, Bargains and Curios” shop, located in the old Banking Chamber and Managers Office.
    I have just renovated the kitchen which is extremely bespoke, and if you were interested, would love you to photograph this the next time you come through Euroa.
    If you email me I can send you some photos I took to give you an idea of what it is like.
    Many Thanks and Best Regards,

  12. Hello Lorrie,
    I am visiting my brother in Whale Beach who has a painting by Tony Edwards. I grew up in Whale Beach and my wife used to live at Windyridge before Tony lived there. I would really like to contact him for a possible commission but I don’t do Facebook. Would you be able to give me his contact details? Thank you.
    Peter Gouldthorpe

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  13. hi lorrie,
    nice story about wendy. i’m going today to see her. why don’t you come and see my show ‘then and now’ at the sydney children’s hospital in randwick. i have re-photographed 25 kids that i photographed in years past to see what has happened to them over the years. and the parents have written very moving stories to accompany the photos describing their journeys. i can meet you at the hospital and we can catch up after sooooo many years.

  14. Hi Lorrie,
    I’d love to send you a copy of Pete Souza’s new book SHADE: A Tale of Two Presidents. Pete is an American photojournalist and was the chief official White House photographer for Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.

    If you’d like a copy let me know the best address and I’ll get one sent to you.

    Klara Zak
    Senior Publicist

    L Level 17/207 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
    P +61 2 8248 0869
    T @ZakKlara

  15. Hello there ,
    I saw that you mentioned here and I wanted to share my gratitude concerning your work on the promotion of women.

    I want to suggest you also share an important guide on women’s safety online which came out recently. It was written by women for women and empowers women to protect themselves online.
    I liked the way they gave a few tips for each situation and actionable items.
    Thanks for helping protect women online,

  16. Hi Lorrie – my name is Jaki Arthur and I am Head of Marketing Communications at HarperCollins Publishers. We are publishing the second part of Jimmy Barnes memoirs in Oct this year – WORKING CLASS MAN – and I am searching for a full length colour pic of Jimmy that we can use as a life size standee in bookshops for display.

    Might you have a suitable full length high res colour shot in your archive?

    very best

    0403 901 252

    Jaki Arthur | HEAD OF MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS | HarperCollinsPublishers Australia

    Level 13, 201 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000 |Tel: + 61 403 901 252| PO Box A565, Sydney South NSW 1235
    Email: |

  17. Hi, Lorrie. I’m a PhD student who would like permission to use one of your images in an essay/potential academic journal article. The photo is the 13th one down on One of my friends is in the photo holding a sign. I will not be financially profiting from this paper or the image. Please contact me as soon as possible at Thanks so much,

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  18. Hi Lorrie, I have been contacted by a journalist Henry … can you give me your email and or mobile. it would be good for me to have anyway
    Cheers, Phil

  19. Hello, I’m a BBC producer / director. I’m making a film about photography and I’m hoping to use a Lorrie Graham photograph of the photographer John Hinde which I believe was taken in 1990. Can you please advise me on how I go about sourcing a high res jpeg of this and how best to license this image from you? The image I need is here:


    Chloe Penman

  20. Hi Lorrie, I mistakenly unsubscribed (thought I was clicking on the link). Please make sure I’m back on the list. Hope you’re well.. xjan

  21. Hi there,

    we are a brand NEW Eco boutique in Newtown, NSW and would like to work with you!

    Eco isn’t a fad, it’s a way of life and it takes a lot of research to determine if a manufacturer’s claims are true.

    You, the Earth & Me is all about conscious consumerism. We offer quality, tried and tested products, from

    companies who love the environment just as much as we do. Stocking stylish and superior products that

    are Organic, Fair-trade, Sustainable, Recycled, and Handmade. We here at You, the Earth & Me have everything

    an Eco Warrior could want, from Eco Yoga Mats and Jewellery, to Fashion, Homewares and even cushions

    stuffed with recycled water bottles.

    It is a widespread belief, that the average person does not have what it takes to make the world a better place.

    It is believed that only the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa are capable of making a

    difference…the truth is, every single one of us has been put onto this planet to contribute. By ‘being the

    change we wish to see in the world’, we here at You, the Earth & Me can help our community to transition,

    as we improve the willingness and interest of intention to ‘do good’.

    Alyssa & Bec

    You, the Earth & Me

    345 King Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042


    Ph: 04 242 484 58


    Check us out on Instagram!

  22. Wow, what wonderful photos of the King Street Crawl.
    There are two photos of my child that I would love to have printed.
    How do I organise this with you?

  23. Hi Lorrie: I’ve a smile as I type this…..thinking of us all meeting up in Trastevere. Oh I did laugh that night. It was such a fun evening. We are going back first week of March for a month as that is when Dom’s baby is due. A girl. You were right with your guess!

  24. Hi Robert et. Louise Friends! We trust your travels to London were well, albeit with a slight headache from the wine perhaps? No matter, what a wonderful evening we had talking with you and Greg. I LOVE the pictures, and have subscribed to your blog. Can’t wait to dig into it more!!!! We are home safely with amazing memories of our wonderful trip, inclusive of our new Australian connection. Please stay in touch and we will do the same!!! ~Angela and Mark

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