Visit Belleville for a true slice of Paris

I had read about the suburb of Belleville, but then came across an article by long time resident and blogger David Lebovitz with his take of the suburb. I retraced his steps and visited a number of his recommendations.


Slow-cooked courgettes with mint + chilli

The courgette ( zucchini ) like the aubergine ( eggplant) is something the Italians understand well. The know that liberal oil is the key to unlocking the sweet nuttiness of this water-heavy vegetable


Kerry McNamara’s latest style story

Its been awhile since catching up with Kerry, a regular on this blog, I was not at all surprised she had gathered a little Wales Bonner, but I particularly loved the late husband Jims suit reworked by Kerry and inspired by Julie Pelipas.

A Brief History of Velvet

The seasonal shift prompts a move away from breezy cotton and linen pieces towards weightier wares. Characterised by its soft handle and lustrous sheen, velvet