Jacqueline Lillie at Jewels on Queen

Viennese jeweller Jacqueline Lillie is visiting our sun-soaked shores. Jacqueline is an artist of outstanding talent and has influenced generations of young artists with her refined and articulate work. You

Annie Lennox Cleans House – New York Times

By Jillian Steinhauer For the New York Times 2019 Annie Lennox is talking about death. It isn’t morbid, nor is it vain, a celebrity’s ponderous concerns about her legacy. Instead,


Fleur Camroux’s store – Camroux and Son – Summer Hill

Fleur Camroux’s store Camroux and Son is a beautifully curated little store in Summer Hill. The store was suggested to me by the lovely Tory Read of Read and Bell


Why I’ve embraced Cold Water Swimming

For those … who follow me on instagram … you would be more than aware, care of my vainglorious postings – of my new devotion to Cold Water Swimming. In


Celebration of Kimono Design – Barometer Gallery

Every time I look at kimonos I see something new’ Akira Isogawa   This selling exhibition and celebration of Kimono Design at Barometer Gallery in Paddington brings together personal Japanese