Stop Child slavery with a Fair Button

Over the course of a century, the garment industry has helped pull millions of people out of poverty. But millions also end up trapped in low-wage jobs creating cheap clothes

Pushing Ourselves to do Uncomfortable Things: The Ageist

Get Uncomfortable I have been writing about pushing ourselves to do things that may seem impossible but that are actually just difficult or unpleasant. There is another side to this.


Series Crush – Netflix – The Chef’s Table

My other Easter indulgence, binge watching The Chef’s Table on Netflix. I’m highlighting the ones I have loved so far, all women and mostly incidental chefs. If you haven’t watched


Hot Cross Buns – Baked by Keiran – Dulwich Hill

My Easter treat of choice is the Hot Cross Bun. I like it with a very good butter and as a extra sweet treat the Blood Orange marmalade from Cornersmith.


The Lonely City – Olivia Laing – Easter Reading

This is the book I’ll be reading over the easter break, The lonely City by Olivia Laing. I heard about it C/- of that wonderful site ” Brainspickings”