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  1. HI Lorrie

    Would appreciate if you could let me know if it’d be possible for me to purchase one of the pics you snapped at the #March4Justice in Canberra – the one I’d love to have is the one you took of the marvellous Biff Ward..

  2. Hi Lorrie – absolutely fantastic photos of Patti Smith. – just so good. Must have been faabulous to be there. I am still oveseas but will see you when I return. I can tell from your photos how wonderful the music was. i recently bought a remixed copy of Horses. Xxx pip

  3. Hi, I have been reading through Your blog about Sri Lanka. I have been looking at many of the same hotels as you … But I have not decided if I will give it a try. I wanted to try the last house for 4 days but are concern that there will be too many nasty animals … And also since there is no air condition that there will be a lot of Mosquitos ?? What did you feel about that ? I was also thinking a night at the walawwa on arrival and perhaps the villa bentota for 2 days if it is worth it … Then spending some days at the beach close to galle and then tangalle at the end. Since you have been to Sri Lanka 3 times you must love it 🙂 will you recommend it for everybody ? Kind regards tone

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      Hello Tone, I love Sri Lanka. It is true there are mosquitos at Last House, and no Air Con. We used insect repellent and the overhead fan did an Ok job, however if that is of concern I wouldn’t recommend going to Last House for 4 days. We always stay at Walawwa on arrival and departure – the flights back to Sydney always leave in the middle of the night – can not recommend it highly enough. Very warm people and great food. Also they have a very good spa with one of the best massages I have ever had. Also might be worth asking Walawwa if they have completed their other hotels in Sri Lanka. We thought Bentota was worth the money. We were doing a bit of a Geoffrey Bawa trip so wanted to stay in places he had designed. His estate Lunugangga is only 15minutes from Bentota and worth a visit. If you are looking for a relaxed 4 days by the beach have a look at Apa Villas its a 15minute Tuk Tuk ride north of Galle it has Air Con good food and lovey people. If you put Apa Villas in the search it will come up. Hope that helps, feel free to get back in touch if you think I can help. Have a wonderful holiday. Lorrie

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