Karyn Kusama Explores Women’s Rage in Destroyer

The film, destroyer staring Nicole Kidman is high on my list and it has just opened at Dendy, Newtown. I’m very interested in ways the director Karyn Kusama explores the


“Hot Blood” latest show at White Rabbit Gallery

Images of the "Hot Blood" exhibition at White Rabbit, Chippendale, Sydney

Since Chinese contemporary art exploded onto the international stage in the 1990s, dramatic changes in Chinese society have, in turn, changed the nature of its art. HOT BLOOD presents a


Afghan Women’s journalism, observations and voices

Teachers and child, at Mala Lia Girls School, Tarin Kowt, Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan

In 2009 I was sent to Afghanistan by AusAid to photograph stories for The Goodweekend and The Age. The women above are teachers from Male Lia Girls School in Tarin


The film Waru + Eight female Maori directors

Waru (2017) is the result of producers Kerry Warkia and Kiel McNaughton convening eight female Māori directors to piece together a painful, mysterious story about an abused child. Each director

Barbara Hammer Maintained Her Curious Eye Until the End

The legendary lesbian filmmaker Barbara Hammer has died at age 79. by A.M. HOMES Images by Mickalene Thomas Barbara Hammer was ebullient even as she was dying. After five decades