Goodbye Doriemus



In 2004 Helen Thomas, Journalist and keen horsewoman and old friend, talked me into doing a book with her about retired racehorses. I was nervous that they would all look the same, how wrong could a person be. The book Past the Post (ABC Books) is about the tough Racing business, when the hard numbers crunch, sentiment and loyalty are often sacrificed in the turbulent mix of profit and loss.

This book is about what happens to the beautiful thoroughbreds when they can no longer race. Helen tracked down 21 former racehorses, some of the best, and tells their stories. With each tale she embraced the individuality of the animal, as well as the personalities and idiosyncrasies of those who love and look after them still. I took their portaits.

I remember the day we met Doriemus, the enigmatic fourteen-year-old, and owner Terry Henderson. ‘’Doriemus had retired to Wingara, TV and radio presenter Simon O’Donnell’s property tucked away in north-east Victoria. There he was cantering the fence lines with his two best mates – a couple of stock horses who cared little about his halcyon days on the track. A horse with great spirit.

Doriemus was put down today after a paddock accident.



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