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I have a job in Bougainville in March and I’ll be packing a LBD, I have always packed a LBD no matter the where or why of any travel, because you never know, and I am at heart an optimist. Shoes that work with the LBD are another matter, my RM’s have been teamed more often than not – ankle boots with dresses are everywhere now, but ten/fifteen years ago it was thought a tad eccentric, the black shower thongs can work at a pinch.

But how did the LBD become such an essential part of the wardrobe?

The idea behind it came –no surprise here – from Coco Chanel who first showed a range of rather plain black dresses in Paris showroom in 1926. She had a special knack for turning traditionally unacceptable idea on their heads. Black was, of course, the colour of mourning and familiar as day-wear for the many widows of France following the slaughter of the First World War.

The idea has never been out of fashion, quickly becoming a staple of every sophisticated woman’s wardrobe. Hollywood leading actresses of the 1940’s wore them to signify their independence. Edith Piaf wore a simple black dress so that concert –goers would not be distracted from her voice. Behind the whole fashion lies Chanel’s original notion of the independent woman who knows her own mind and the same can still be said today. Even abbreviation the name into LBD gives it a feisty punch. Donna Karan’s take on the LBD “ like a frame to a painting Black ensures that the person is the first thing you see” and Karl Lagerfeld “ One is never over – or under dressed with a little black dress”

Really there is nothing like a first shower after two weeks ……..  throwing on your LBD, pouring a G & T to make a girl feel human again.

Thank you Bella for being the LBD model.


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  1. I have a fabulous pair of red Crocs gum boots. They add a touch of colour to any black outfit when walking the dogs in the rain, but I am now inspired to wear them on special occasions requiring a LBD.

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