Zanele Muholi Retrospective at MEP, Paris

I am in a town, Paris, where yesterday I could go to Maison Européenne de la Photographie " La Mep" and see the retrospective of a Black South African Zanele Muholi (born 1972) who defines themself as a " visual activist", and uses the camera as a tool to confront and repair injustice. In 1996 South Africa got a new constitution, the world's first to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation. Despit this progress, the Black LGBTQIA+ community remains the target of violence to this day.

Telling stories that are both individual and collective, the artist hopes to give visibility to their community while challenging conventional representations and stereotypes.

Then tomorrow, I could head off to Un pas de Coté that will honor two renowned photographers: André Kertész and Jacques Henri Lartigue.
"One is called "the greatest amateur of the 20th century", the other is considered " the inventor of photojournalism ". Both have left their mark on the world of photography, with their unique work, free from the constraints of fashionable trends, with an imperishable aesthetic. André Kertész and Jacques Henri Lartigue photographed the world they saw in front of them, without trickery. By capturing these moments on the spot, they bear witness to the beauty of men and women, to the poetry that surrounds each seemingly insignificant moment."

I can only dream that one day my own city, Sydney, might support and respect it's own photographic community in anything like I'm seeing in Paris.

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