You can not be serious!

I spent the last two weekends at Rallys. Yesterday, the Medicare rally – crashed by the Let them Stay campaigners – after a morning meeting about our WestCONnex campaign. Last weekend it was Saving Sydney’s Trees at Randwick.

I am not a radical, so what is going on here?

Everywhere I look we are being treated, by those in the political the class, with zero respect.

I read in the SMH last week that Minister Rob Stokes of the Dept of Planning in N.S.W.
told the paper that the process that we had just busted our butts, getting over 9000 submissions to their Enviromental Impact Statement, was purely a box ticking exercise. Sorry! The WestCONnex project will destroy at least 7 inner city communities.

Yesterday, medicare under attack by a our female Health minister. Last week, the heartbreaking loss of 100 year old Fig trees, because Premier Mike Baird let his mates build a carpark for their hotel where the light rail was meant to go.

There is something VERY wrong with a society when people feel that protest is their only way to be heard.

It is an election year, make it count ….. demand answers and call out all of their lies.

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  1. Lorrie, I ask myself the same question. I am a 66 year old grandmother and yet I find myself out wobble boarding in protest at the imposition of Western Sydney Airport. Why would any government think it could dictate such a dirty piece of infrastructure in the middle of Sydney’ s main growth area in a location where it will have devastating environmental and health impacts.? It is an act of environmental vandalism and social injustice to deny one side of the city any of the noise impact mitigation measures freely enjoyed the opposite side.

    The shock and betrayal I felt intensified as a result of the contemptuous public consultation and the information I found as I researched and studied the EIS..I acknowledged that the whole process was wrong and no one should be made to feel so helpless by their government. The only thing I could do was to stand up and say it was wrong.to treat people like that. It is an abuse of power and as citizens we deserve better.

    More incidents became evident and I discovered that WestConnex shared the same experience I had. I will not condone such evil. Now a lot of my time is spent commenting on every news article I can. I have never spent so much time on Facebook. Yet I do what I can and there is such support out there. The battle is to get the word out and it is working. Change will not happen if we sit back and accept evil.

    So thank you for standing up for rights of people and keep up your good work.

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  2. In our neck of the woods we’re supporting Battle for Berrima and Coal Free Southern Highlands. Who would put a bloody great coal mine in this pristine environment!

  3. I love what you’re doing Lorrie and your photography is ace but we know that democratic governance is a sham. The power is with the corporations and the state and then there’s the military…..
    Put me on a list but we need more than rallies I reckon. Maybe we should spend some time in Greece and learn how they do direct action.
    Just saying.

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      Agree Fran, it needs all levels and types of Protest and it also needs mass. We are also heading to he pointy end of Direct Action in the Haberfield M4. Happy to head to Greece/Spain on study trip.

  4. Just think about it. the Westconnex debacle; Light Rail / Anzac Parade / Trees; Medicare cuts; Redfern / Waterloo public / private housing; Powerhouse Museum to be bulldozed for developers; heritage social housing in The Rocks sold off to the highest bidder to have their guts ripped out; Gonski education reforms dumped; TAFE gutted and made totally unaffordable leading to shortage in trades; massive units and accommodation developments approved with absolutely no planning required for supporting transport, education, health infrastructure; historic Windsor Bridge to be destroyed for ? ……… on and on the list can go ……

    Can you add to this list ? Leave a comment, lets compile a much bigger list, and get mobilised

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