Wowser Nation


This is a great little stocking filler and timely…..their manifesto..

“Wowser Nation aims to take an honest look at the Australia of today and to seek out realistic forms of representing the inexorable shift towards “Wowserism within our culture.One way of doing this is by creating a Wowser aesthetic – a look or a fashion that directly links to our identity as Australians.
Our reputation as being laid-back and anti authoritarian is outdated and does not match reality. This is very confusing for visitors from other countries. It’s time to start looking at Australia the way it really is. Make way for the extremely earnest, the highly litigious, the censorious….
Make way for the easily offended. Make way for a new generation averse to risk and incapable of spontaneity. Welcome to Wowser Nation.”

Wowser : An ineffably pious person who mistakes this world for a penitentiary and himself for a warder: C J Denis


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