Women over 5o visible at last? Thats not my Age

Women over 50 visible at last, Jodi Foster in the latest Porter Magazine

This beautiful image of Jodi Foster is in the latest Porter Magazine and this is what a fellow blogger That’s Not My Age ( London) had to say about what this might mean for the visibility of women over 50. I agree it has improved but I’d put the CAN DO BETTER tag in our own country

“When I started That’s Not My Age, 10 years ago, I wanted to start a conversation about age and style and the visibility of older women. In my mid-40s at the time, I was not going to buy into any of that over-the-hill and no longer relevant nonsense. Invisible? Bollocks to that. I felt the same then as I had done in my thirties – and, anyway, midlife had evolved. Unfortunately, advertising execs, the fashion industry and organisations like the BBC hadn’t got the memo.

Over the last decade things have moved on. Midlife-and-beyond has been reconfigured. We are seeing more diversity, more older women in ad campaigns, online and on the catwalk – these gorgeous photos of Jodie Foster (55) are from the latest Porter magazine, last week Uma Thurman (48) was the star of the Miu Miu catwalk show. We now have tons more role models of a certain vintage. From Lauren Hutton to Lyn Slater, Caryn Franklin to Caroline Labouchere; social media has disrupted traditional media and enabled us to look beyond appearance and demographics to lifestyle, personality and psychographics. We are celebrating women’s achievements, rather than focusing solely on their appearance. And I am giving myself a pat on the back.

The aim of That’s Not My Age has always been to empower women. To celebrate role models of all ages, share style advice and show images that women over-50 can relate to; like Jodie Foster in Porter magazine. Yes, she’s a beautiful actor decked out in designer clobber but she’s standing her ground rather than going down the traditional, age-defying Hollywood route. Talent, grace and style – and a few wrinkles.”



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