Wildbrumby Distillery, Alpine Way, Snowy Mountains

We hopped over the hill for a bit of Schnapps tasting one afternoon, The Wildbrumby Distillery is a lovely combination of Open Door + Cafe with a lot of art thrown in. We loaded the Fiat up with a few bottles of the Devil's tongue schnapps to try with oysters ...

The Wildbrumby story begins with both skiing and schnapps – that quintessential tipple from the Alpine region of Europe.

Schnapps distilleries are native to the European Alps, where the winters proved too cold for traditional wine production.

Wildbrumby founder, Brad Spalding grew up in the NSW & Victorian fruit belt, as the son of a fruit and vegetable merchant and publican. He began working as a ski instructor at age 15 in the Victorian alps and went on to become director of the Thredbo Snow Sports School.

But it was several years earlier, while working as a ski instructor in the Austrian region of Kitzbühel, that Brad met his future wife, Monika.

Monika’s grandfather, Stephen Hagleitner, had been distilling schnapps long before the couple were born.

Enchanted by this rich distilling heritage, Brad studied the traditional methods with a dream to one day introduce authentic schnapps to Australia’s Snowy region.

With its pure mountain water and rolling green hills, they judged the breath-taking Thredbo Valley the most fitting location to deliver home-grown schnapps to Australian alpine enthusiasts pining for a taste of European culture.

With no local distilling equipment available, they imported an Ulrich Kothe still from Germany, and in 2005, opened the doors to the Wildbrumby Distillery.

Traditional methods developed over many centuries, combined with exclusive access to home-grown organic fruit and botanicals, became the inspiration behind a brand new line of liqueur schnapps that proved well suited to Australian palates.

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  1. I love how they have decided to add sculptures and other art around their property… I must visit this place one day.. my guy and i have 10 acres down that way but I have never been to this place. Thank for highlighting this..

  2. Was a great place to visit and do a few tastings.

    First up a pint of fantastic Czech beer. Icy cold robust flavour. In a wonderful curvy glass that is apparently available to purchase online.

    Next a ‘tasting’ of three Schnapps. The blue peppermint one was a bit sweet to my taste and reminded me of creme de that my parents used to have.

    The clear one was sour apple and delicious. Definitely one to have chilled as either a pre-meal drink with ordouvres or as a post meal liqueur with or without ice.

    The all up favourite though was Devils Tongue. A quite hot and spicy schnapps with a wonderful lingering aftertaste.

    We were told that it goes beautifully as an icy cold accompaniment to a plate of oysters.

    So out we came with a couple of beautiful bottles that are standing by for summer lunch or Christmas Day plates of oysters washed down with Devils Tongue.

    Wildbrumby also have some impressive looking Gins and vodkas. All available for online ordering.

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