Cullachange will give the tired a new life



I was in Surry Hills before Christmas and found a park outside an institution I had completely forgotten about, Cullachange. They have been in the same place for 15 years. Inspired …. I went home and found a couple of tired old cotton blankets and and beige cotton coat and headed back. The blankets I had dyed Charcoal and the coat French Navy, both have a completely new look and life.

Their claim is to be able to change the colour of clothing of all types – casual, business formalwear and home wares even loose lounge covers, rugs and curtains. Final results will vary according to the fabric type, it’s original colour and how the article is manufactured. They say customers are generally pleased with the new colour and if improvements are possible, they will process articles a second time at no extra charge.


Cullachange : 216 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills, 2010

Phone (02) 9320 7766





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  1. Thanks Lorrie. Every now and again, I’ve wondered about a place where I could have clothes change colour. I remember the days when we used to buy old evening dresses in op shops or overalls in army disposal stores to home dye them. Unfortunately they nearly always ran In the wash and ‘infected’ other clothes

  2. Yep, love ’em too. Bought a red linen shirt in Paris, looked fine in the low light of Europe, back in Sydney it was garish. Cullachanged it to a deep purple – excellent. Have also used them to re-dye a black linen top that had lost its depth of colour. The alteration service is good as well. Sandra

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