Who is Elena Ferrante?



My friend Linda, and fellow community gardener, mentioned that her Italian class had been reading this enigma’s books. Apparently Elena Ferrante is An Italian novelist who was born in or near Naples. In our self-promoting, Twitter-saturated age, Ferrante is an outlier, an author who wishes to remain totally private.

Fascinated? I am ….

She refuses face-to-face interviews, has only given a handful of written ones, makes no personal appearances; no photographs of her have been published. Interest in Elena has intensified recently after a slew of new, overwhelmingly positive pieces in Anglophone publications, including the New Yorker. Meghan O’Rouke writes in The Guardian “Her work describes domestic experiences – such as vivid sexual jealousy and other forms of shame – that are underexplored in fiction, Ferrante’s reputation is soaring. Her writing has a powerful intimacy as if her characters to paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, are the lenses through which we read our own minds”

To read the full article hit the link and go to an article in the Guardian, also drill down using the links in the article for more interesting snippets about La Ferrante.

Six of her books are now available in English




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  1. I have read all her books and consistently give them to friends, sometimes more than once because I have forgotten I had already given them to them. Her first novel, My Brilliant Friend is just wonderful, and each builds on the lives of the characters.
    There is an interview with her being published in the upcoming The Paris Review, although you probably have to subscribe http://www.theparisreview.org/
    It was thought that her books were written by a male writer Domenico Starnone and I bought his only translated book and I can see that there are comparisons. So this interview might validate her gender. Throughout the books though, and one more in the series has to be translated, she has a bad relationship to her mother that struck me as odd. But you should read them, they are just wonderful.

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