Whiskey Tango Foxtrot … aka The Taliban Shuffle

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I have just finished this book in time for it to open down the road at the Dendy as a film starring Tina Fey. I enjoyed its slow burn black humour, the only way to cover this sort of material… I’m guessing. There is also a serious side to the Kim Barker story, The Chicago Tribune journo who wrote the book.

She describes how female journalists working islamic countries feel they are treated as a “third gender”, able to communicate with men in authority in a way local women can’t, and to approach other women in a way foreign male journalist can’t. Any women who has worked in this area will know what she’s talking about.

In Kabul, Barker writes, the attractiveness of war correspondents skyrocketed. ” We were Kabul Cute, we were Mission Pretty………

This book reminded me of one of my all time favourite books Emergency Sex.

I had to order the book…..I guess you could just catch up with the film, I’ve heard apart from Fey playing a TV journo, not a writer, the film is pretty close to the book…

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