Where do you get your travel info ?

Travel tip resources

Travel tip resources

We are leaving for an extended trip to Europe, coming home via Sri Lanka ….TODAY!!! (see Paris Skirt). So I have been gathering information like a demented beaver. Flights were easy…well as easy as finding a way to use FF points

That actually get you to a place you want go, when you want to go there. OK OK one leg is on Malaysian Airlines.

Accommodation, we are mostly using Airbnb – a first – I’m not keen on spending my holiday with someone’ s soft toy collection, so photographs became incredibly important when deciding on an apartment – the site has started using the words verified photograph to build trust – the reviews – and the responses to criticism in those reviews, but most  important – is the way someone deals with problems – this tells me a great deal.

I will be doing a full debrief on the Airbnb experience after the trip.

Photographs can also tell you more by what is not photographed..I wondered on a recent trip to East Bali, why none of the resorts had pictures of the beaches they all said they fronted …… black volcanic soil, was the answer.

One of my quandaries has been with so much information out there now…….who and what to trust?

I look at Tripadvisor and read reviews and then think I don’t know these people from Adam, their idea of fine dining could getting out of the car at Maccas instead of using the drive thru.

Newspapers and Magazines rely on free trips given by who or whatever it is they are reviewing.

In the end I think you need to have an awareness of the personal taste of the person doing the reviewing. For example I would always trust Lee Tulloch who writes for Vogue Living and The Sun Herald and with her husband has a website called Mr. and Mrs. Amos.  I’ve read her travel stories for years.

Upmarket travel companies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith who always give great background information to your destination and recommend the – best room and why – at most hotels and resorts.

These people rely on you having a good experience for your return business.

But in the end you can not go past friends – the like minds – and they get down to the nitty gritty how to get from the airport in one piece and what sim to buy, and for us where the closest swimming pool is.

There will be blogs……….






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