What women want over 50…shock….not to look younger!

What women want over the age of 50, Shock its not to look younger. Louis Bourgeois

Women over 50 want to look good not younger. We want to be visible to the world around us and age on our own terms. We covert good health and understand the need for strong working bodies. I have been publishing this blog for just over three years now and this is what I have gleaned from your comments and our discussions.

This blog was started as a celebration of women who are happy to age…. but not to disappear.

When a group is invisible to the world so are the issues that affect it. We would like to see our world reflected back at us when we go shopping, work-out go to fashion shows (if thats your thing) in magazines, newspapers, in our life.

Our demographic, women over 50, is on the march and growing. We are more likely to tell a – punk reporter – mansplaining why, long hair on women over 40 is a no no …….to Fuck off ….than take the comment or him seriously.

Ageing also confers authenticity, confidence, perspective, self awareness. Priorities are clearer. It’s easier to manage our emotions ( mostly). We want less, but better quality, We care less what people think ….Helen Mirren talking to her younger self ” I wish I’d said Fuck off more often”.

The women’s movement taught us to claim our power, a pro-ageing movement will teach us to hold on to it.

The fabulous Linda V Wright ( above right) said recently on her instagram feed

” Girls ….just go with the grey hair. Bleaching it or dying it doesn’t make you look younger. Opt for hair that still moves naturally….Hair that is YOU.
Do not abuse your hair girls go with the flow and glow of the evolution of your hair . Be proud and hold you head up high and Do Not let anyone tell you to chemically treat your hair to turn back time. You have nothing to hide
” I love ladies who know Grey hair is a sign of loving oneself just the way you are naturally.”

Some of us are still having this conversation with ourselves but the certainly the time and money saved going with the flow is worth the contemplation….

More on this later in the week…..

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  1. Three years! Holy hell. I open your blog each morning early. It tempers my daily disbelief at what Trump or our local chumps have done. Many more years to you L xx

  2. Brava Lorrie I totally agree. I have stopped colouring my hair and love the streaks of grey appearing.

  3. Love this post – what a great read and visual to wake up to and have in my head to start the day – thanks Lorrie!

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