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What does ageing well mean to you? What does it feel like? There are so many different ways to define it, and so many ways to get there.

This little reminder of the things that may help you age the way you want from Susan Saunders from The Age Well Project

WHO defines healthy ageing as ‘the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age.’ They explain functional ability as, ‘having the capabilities that enable all people to be and do what they have reason to value’.

Key to that functional ability for me is maintaining my brain health so I can enjoy my family and friends, as well as this big, beautiful - sometimes heart-breaking – world. It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, which is a happy occasion but also brings with it a reminder of my late mum’s dementia. And how much I want to reduce my own risk.

What is healthy ageing for you? Let me know! Whatever it is, reminding ourselves of the big picture helps us stay consistent with the small daily steps we need to take to get there.

And I know it’s hard. We’re all tired and distracted by what’s going on in the world. We may know what we should be doing, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. However, one thing I’ve learnt from my own age-well journey, and that of my clients, is consistency is key.

Here are three really simple ways to show up for yourself today:

Rather than saying ‘I CAN’T… exercise/eat healthily/find a moment to relax’, what CAN you do?
What is ‘non-negotiable’ for you? What’s the one thing that you can do each day that will make a difference? For me, it’s starting my day with at least 10 minutes of daylight.
Get to bed! Sleep is so vital for ageing well, and our mindset. Everything’s easier when we’re rested. And here in the UK we’ll lose an hour’s sleep tonight when the clocks go forward.

If you feel you’re not where you want to be on your path to healthy ageing, or you’re not getting there fast enough, hit reply to this email and let’s have a chat about getting you on track. Because that’s what I do.

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