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I read this recently on a site called The Ageist, what is Intergenerational retail? It’s when a store, say like Lee Mathews …. a haunt of mine, employs a wonderful sales person like Bronwyn ( pictured below). A woman who understands what a woman in her demographic might feel comfortable trying on, because there she is ….. wearing it. Another store who try, Jac and Jack, I think they have staff in their forties but also employ a diversity of shapes, nearly as important as age. It can be very off putting walking into a store full of 0 sized staff. I might be looking at you Bassike.

This is so simple but ….oh so rare

Bronwyn, sales person at <a href=Lee Mathews store in Paddington” width=”1080″ height=”720″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-26776″ />

A simple way for retail to increase its sales: intergenerational staff. I was at APC recently and referenced a style of jean from 15 years ago. The very nice sales assistant, who appeared to be about 25, had no idea what I was speaking about. Why would she?

When an older person is a truly knowledgable fashion/beauty professional, someone who has years of experience in the field, it’s a signal to me that I am not invisible. Bonus points if I think this person has some cool cred. I know they get me in a way that younger people can’t. This store becomes my trusted go-to.

It’s a fantastic way to show the customer the store appreciates and understands us. Not everyone in the store should be our age — that’s boring — rather a mixed staff that is truly intergenerational. Sales is about finding connection, finding alignment. I expect that in the future, as retail continues to understand the value people of our age have, we will see a lot more of this sort of thing.

AGEIST is often asked: How do we speak to your people without freaking out our current customer? This is a gimme: place some super-knowledgable fashion pros in your store. Cool is cool; even the kids will give you points for doing it.



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  1. Interesting perspective + I take your point tho I seldom like ‘sales help’ of any variety….Except when they are magically able to find my size in the stockroom!

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