What could be making you look 10 years older?


My friend Fran sent me this….which had me immediately checking my wardrobe……

I found a very ageing pair of court shoes!

Fran noted at the bottom of the email “Liz Jones (the writer) is a a bit of a bitch”, and her words can sound harsh I agree, but it might be worth taking a deep breath and reading on…



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  1. Ah, but I think Iris Apfel would beg to differ!

    I think this is one of those interesting articles that women ‘of a certain age’ who are comfortable in their own skin, with their own style, should ignore..

    And I’m just not ready to give up my red dress and red shoes…

    1. Post

      I googled the author and she seems to be ignoring her own advise…I’m not giving up my red dress and the wonderful Carine Roitfeld seems to be breaking all of her rules!

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