WestCONnex update

WestConnex update


The diary of an Ageing Activist. A few weeks ago Direct Action workshop, how to keep yourself safe and very still when trying to stop a bulldozer destroying your street. What to say and not to say to a Policeman who is about to arrest you, what not to carry on your person…you would be pretty safe if you just adapted what not to take onto an aircraft..plus no wallet or phone.

Our campaign is to stop this State Government from spending 20 Billion dollars of our money on a useless 33km bit of road that will destroy communities and the environment. The Minister Duncan Gay has outed himself as a deity…make of that what you will, so we now use the #praytogay…in the hope he will go the way of most religious icons.

Our group in Newtown, Save Newtown Stop WestConnex…..has a certain musicality to it if you say it often enough … has managed to get over 6,ooo of the 10,ooo signatures needed to get a debate in Parliament.

At our meeting last night Labour’s Albo has asked for a meeting with the NBP, we have already heard from Tanya our member saying she is against it. Sunday we hit the Reclaim the Streets rally to finish off our Petition and encourage a younger generation to pull their finger out. These images are from a Demo at Haberfield yesterday motorists heading down the Parramatta Road hooted their support.

If you would like to support our campaign join the group or send loads or money write to us at save.newtown@bigpond.com


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  1. I totally support the campaign to stop West Connex. As a resident of a neighbouring suburb the negative impact of the proposed road is clear. Why do the politicians not understand this??

    1. Post

      Thanks for your comment. We are very determined to put a halt to the waste of money they call WestConnex, money that could be spent on Schools, Womens shelters Hospital beds and now Tafe instead transferring our money into the hands of tollway operators.

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