WestCONnex update

Last Friday we – Save Newtwon from WestCONnex – a small but dedicated group of volunteers delivered 3,154 submissions with points opposing the Enviromental Impact Statement for the new M5 WestCONnex project to the Planning Dept. It was part of 9,000 submissions overall collected by various WestCONnex and other action groups and politicians.

The Enviromental Impact Statement was released just before Christmas and we were given until the 29th of January to respond. A time when Schools, very badly affected by the project, were on holidays and local councils had closed down.

These conservative points were made by Sydney City Council; thousands of extra cars will be dumped on the streets of the inner west; The character and viability of King Street ( one of the best loved streets in Sydney ) will be threatened :code for the streets will be forced into 24/7 clearways destroying businesses and community.

The Cost of the project has hit offically 16.8 billion Dollars and is rising, and excludes significant local road expenditures – so we are talking 20 billion here – this money could be better spent on public transport.

Large numbers of beautiful Iconic trees will be destroyed. The extra traffic will worsen local air quality. Euston Road will become a 7 lane freeway leaving residents with traffic 1.8 metres from their homes.

Mike Baird is treating the people of the Inner West with the same contempt he has shown the people of Randwick. The light rail was originally planned for the opposite side of Alison Rd but the 100 year old Figs were sacrificed for a Racecourse Hotel and Carpark, or Developers.

Mike has decided to sell us out to Toll Operators, the only people who will benefit from his Freeway to Nowhere.

This is a small visual update of some of our actions and campaigns…we will keep you posted..

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