WestCONnex poised to destroy Euston Road

You might remember a few weeks back I did a post on the plight of the residents of Euston Rd Alexandria. A seven lane highway will be built just 1.8 metres from this block of apartments.

That post was about an afternoon wrapping the trees threatened by WestCONnex. Since then fences have enclosed the trees and we hear they will be destroyed on Wednesday the 26th from 7am……

We will be there trying to stop it! On Saturday Clover Moore, Sydney’s Mayor, added her support, not just this frontier but to stop this increasingly stupid and morally corrupt project, the entire project called WestCONnex.

If you think it would be better for this city to save the billions wasted on the tollway to nowhere join fight and your local group. The anger is growing, it is not too late to stop this abuse.

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  1. Disgraceful abuse of residents democratic right to enjoy the amenity of their homes.

    Since when can it be legal to build a 7 lane tollroad road to nowhere to within 1.8 metres of people’s front doors and windows ?

    Shame Gladys, put a pause to this whole project and start a total reappraisal and rethink.

    1. I agree with Anon! I hope this project gets stalled so it can be assessed properly. But I doubt this will happen…

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