WestCONnex about to make life unbearable for……….

The residents of Euston Road Alexandria are about to have all of the trees in front of their apartments removed. The beautiful old figs over the road will probably be destroyed as well.

We spent yesterday afternoon wrapping the trees in blue to show the potential destruction.

The WestCONnex – seven lane – freeway will leave these home owners with only 1.8 metres outside their front doors.

If this sickens you as much as us then find a group, join up and do what you can to stop this very stupid project.

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  1. What a nightmare. Don’t want to think about the air quality around there – maybe you should start monitoring that.

  2. There is nothing good about westCONnex. Tollways, destruction of houses, trees, habitats, parklands, community spaces and more pollution. It all adds up to a big ZERO

  3. It is almost unimaginable that a planning department can approve the construction of a 7 lane highway to 1.8 metres of the doorways and windows of hundreds of residents. There are massive health issues involved, quite apart from the almost complete loss of amenity of the residents in their homes.

    Time to rethink the whole Westconnex project Gladys : it is a roadway to nowhere, at immense public costs, and with crippling new ‘poverty tax’ toll charges to residents in Western Sydney who may be paying up to 10% of their disposable income for the right to sit in a new traffic jam.

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