WestCONnex horror grows…..

An update on our Stop WestCONnex campaign.

What would Tanya and Albo do if Labor managed to get back into power?

WestCONnex destroys both of their electorates. Having listened to both of them now….the answer is nothing. They say the project is not transparent very badly planned blah blah blah…frankly, a disaster for the villiages of inner Sydney, but it’s a state issue.

This weekend another Rally..we will not be going away.. in Rozelle because plans for Stage 3 will devestate that suburb, Glebe, Camperdown, RPA Hospital, Sydney University and of course Newtown. So groups across the entire project gathered. The anger grows, so too the number of people totally incredulous that such a stupid expensive project could ever have been approved.

The fact, despite all they know, that Labor has decided to sit on their hands is beyond disapointing.

If you see a blue ribbon on any tree around the streets of inner Sydney…Mike Baird and his 16.8 billion dollar WestCONnex project will be coming to destroy it.

If you care about this city for god sake get involved.

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  1. It becomes clearer each day that the ALP has decided that it will stay effectivley silent as the inner areas of Sydney are destroyed by the Coalition’s motorways project. Frankly, with some honourable exceptions, Labor have not engaged with the long term effects of the motorway or privatised rail (metro) policies of Baird Liberal Government, and that these policies are about the developers and infrastructure companies making massive profits from our city at our cost through so called value-capture.

    Overall our city will continue to suffer from poor public transport in the south-west, west and north-west of our city, and house prices will continue to increase (economic crash notwithstanding). The air we breathe will decline of quality, the noise we live with will increase, and the poor will increasingly be forced to the edges of our city. Even culture will crumble under the onslaught of neo-liberal economics with the slightly decayed industrial areas around the inner city required by those who push the boundaries by and large slated for housing.

    The only way to stop this is to get involved now, and to let the various parties know what you will do whenever we’re allowed to vote again. Of course abolition of local councils was no mistake by Baird. He new how important they were in stopping the east-west tollway in Melbourne. Labor too have been crying only crocodile tears on this as well, more upset about losing office than actually arguing against the amalgamations in principle.

  2. Great post about a diabolical issue facing the inner west. New groups are forming and building along the Westconnex route St Peters to Rozelle. If you want to get involved contact the Newtown Group on save.newtown@bigpond.com

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