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I’ve know Wendy Bacon since we worked together on the National Times, a fun time, where we had the odd adventure. She is now Professorial Fellow Journalist and Researcher Australian Centre for Independent Journalism and Contributing Editor at www.newmatilda.com

We live in the same suburb so we would run into each other on the street every so often. Now we are both trying to save our suburb Newtown from WestConnex, so we see a lot more of each other. There will be more blogs about WestConnex.

This blog, however, is about Wendy’s hair – trite you may think, – given the women is an activist in so many areas ….. see below for a link to her blog. Wendy’s hair is an example of good grey, a wonderful consistent colour. Given that most of us are in the … if I let it go and not colour – see I have Kevin Andrew’s hair blog – what will it look like.

Wendy decided to let her hair go grey when she was in her 50’s  we decided a good indicator could be our mothers hair … was it a good solid colour or pepper and salt …. When we had a coffee the other morning we started talking about why women on TV aren’t allowed to have grey hair …. hello Tony Jones ….  another blog ….



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  1. Wendy, you’re looking brilliant. And your grey hair has always been beautiful. Sisters in grey!

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