Wendy Bacon – Hero – Newtown Woman of the Year


This is a repost of something I wrote in 2016, Wendy maybe a few years older but nothing else has changed. She was just named Newtown Woman of the Year, I can think of no better person for the award.

When I wrote this Hilary had lost to Trump, at least a tiny step in the right direction with a Woman Vice President in the US, but closer to home there is much more work to do, a pause to thank you Wendy Bacon for always stepping up and being a true inspiration to us all.

Today Wendy Bacon turns 70. She will spend it in court, its been 38 years since her last appearance. Dragged off a drilling site by the riot police. These sites are part of the Geo-tech work to check where to put an 8 lane tunnel under heritage homes in our community for the WestCONnex project.

I don’t think Wendy is a hero because she was arrested, I think she is a hero because she is steadfast. She does what she says she will do, always. She is the calm voice when all around are loosing their heads. She has no need or desire to be the centre of attention. She has no interest in self but more in the need to call out wrong when and where she sees it.

Having worked with Wendy at the National Times and now having stood next to her handing out flyers, marching in demonstrations and at the barricades my admiration has just grown.

Take heart, at a time when a lot self interested bigoted white people couldn’t see past their own noses to vote for the first woman president in the USA, there are great women out there doing the hard yards and the right thing.

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  1. There are few people who truly make a mark, make a lasting difference in the cause of their community, but Wendy is certainly one of them. She is smart and she is as solid as they come. We are all lucky to have her and I am glad that she has been recognised for her tireless campaigning in the interests of a fairer and more liveable world. Congratulations to her.

  2. Thanks for those words, the photo of Wendy, and indeed all the photos you give us, Lorrie. Like Wendy, you are generous to your core. We’re in Victoria seeing family and friends for the first time since COVID hit, and the weather has been warm, dry and an Indian summer. See you when we’re back in Sydney next week.


  3. Congratulations Wendy on being the 2021 Newtown Woman of the Year.

    So thoroughly deserved, and every word in Lorrie’s post from some years is spot on and as true today as 5 years and 35 years ago.

    An inspiration to us all. Just wish our political leaders would get the simple R.E.S.P.E.C.T. message.

  4. One of Wendy’s sisters was my doctor, much beloved (as by all her patients, and another was a colleague many moons ago. I didn’t know of Wendy then, but have read much of her since. She is a steadfast and loyal person, with great principal. I hope all goes well for her and thanks for being there for all of us. Happy birthday.

  5. Beautiful and very true words, Lorrie. Wendy, your sound writings inspired for me to take action in my own small way, and I hope your court appearance will help to draw further attention to the importance of standing up to corruption.

  6. A court appearance on your 70th birthday shows us you are still out there Wendy, fighting the battles that sadly still need to be fought. You are such a stalwart leader in our community. I know there is great appreciation and respect from all of us for your dedication to helping us fight the ill-considered mess of a project known as WestConnex.
    This is an excellent post Lorrie with a stunning photo, as usual.

  7. What a lovely post for a truly wonderful and inspirational woman, Thank you Wendy for your hard work and continued inspiration and encouragement, and Happy Birthday.. thanks Lorrie.

  8. What a wonderful post about a truly impressive woman. And what a photo! Happy birthday Wendy and Thank you Lorrie.

  9. Lorre, thanks for this warm and very generous message. I appreciate it very much. At 70, there are many events that make me feel pessimistic about the future of world but the people that I have met or met again through our campaign to ‘Stop WestCONnex’ and provide support to women on Nauru make me feel hopeful. I feel proud to be part of a big group of women who contribute so much – and great men too of course. Your own photography is outstanding – and i think has triggered a whole number of others to link their creativity with political action.

  10. A really beautiful post Lorrie. One of the very best things to have happened in these past 18 months of anti-Westconnex and anti pretty well everything Baird campaigning has been to meet and campaign alongside Wendy. She has been the glue across the multiple groups and fearless in her advocacy.

    Thank you Wendy for the privilege.

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