Negroni – We’ll see you in the Spring

This is a repost ...just days away!

Anon and I soooooo enjoyed Negroni, what a wonderful invention Negroni Week! We are about to embark on Dry July - with exceptions - so will not be seeing our next Negroni until Spring ....

this is just between us ... Anon thinks Dry July is just one month!

I will use the time wisely looking for Australian made ingredients.. not unlike the brands in the image below.

The New York Times published this about our favourite cocktail....

The Negroni turns 100 this year. As recently as a decade ago, that bit of news would have drawn blank faces, communicating “So?” or “Who cares?” or even “What’s a Negroni?” Today the Negroni is, quite simply, one of the most consumed cocktails in the world, and the most successful mixed drink ever to come out of Italy — a country better known for light drinks, often with food.

In 2018, the Negroni was the second most called-for cocktail worldwide, surpassed only by the old-fashioned, according to a recent poll of more than 100 bars conducted by the magazine Drinks International. There are now Negronis to suit all needs. If you want the classic recipe — basically, a strong concoction of equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and an Italian or Italianate bitter aperitivo (traditionally Campari) — most bars and restaurants have you covered.


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  1. So Dry July is really Dry Julgust ….. news to me ….. regardless of that ‘surprise’, yes, the Negroni is a great cocktail !

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