A journey through Sri Lanka


I have been to Sri Lanka three times. The first was to cover the Boxing Day Tsunami, as devastating as that time was I still came home enchanted by the people and the place.

The last two visits were pure pleasure. The blogs to come will be an assortment of these visits.

This opening blog is what I saw when we arrived on the second trip. All flights from Australia – usually via Singapore – arrive into Colombo in the middle of the night. I love arriving anywhere at nigh t…  you can only grab glimpses, fragments of a place… the rest is left to your imagination … to be revealed when you wake in the morning.

The things that flashed by that first night, were what I call “god boxes” –  brightly lit boxes with religious icons found on just about every street corner. I later discovered that the area closest to the airport is Christian. Sri Lanka has Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and Hindu religions and being a pragmatic lot they float in and out of each other’s faith. Tuk Tuk drivers hedge their bets with icons from every religion hanging from the rear view mirrors and merchants all head to a Catholic church once a week for a sermon on business.

I hope you love it as much as I do.


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