Weather, Walks and welcome relief – Perisher

The first few days of the Big Chill week in Perisher we had some weather. Winds blowing up to 140kms with added sleet. Charlie Pierce did an amazing job as master of the fire, but by the end of day two some of us needed a walk.

We headed down the summer road past the waste water treatment plant heading to the top of the mountain where the Roller Coaster starts. The wind was so strong, I felt sure that if Alison Chamberlain had opened her coat she’d have sailed over to Thredbo. Alas the rest of us had enough ballast to feel pretty safe.

Of Course a huge component and endless joy of the Big Chill in Perisher week is the apres walk libations and food. We all take a day to do a dinner and various other meals and then because we bring so much food we live on left overs until its time to leave.

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  1. Great post of a memorable trip. The winds on the 2nd night were just extraordinary. The lodge was shaking and moving, and I seriously wondered whether we were about to be Dorothy in Wizard of Oz finding ourselves and Alexandra Lodge flying off over the mountains !!!

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