We Don’t Need a Revolution, We Need an Evolution

Why, at a certain age, do we shift our views on aging? This from The Ageist

Aging is a privilege denied to many; our youth-centric society has diminished the value once bestowed upon elders. With babies, we count the days, then weeks, then months as they grow, but somewhere we cross an invisible line where age no longer is something to adore but instead something to abhor.

Our Perception Is Our Responsibility

Acknowledging what prevents us from owning our years is essential to accepting ourselves. Understanding what blocks us from embracing every stage of life means letting go of the delusion that one phase has more value than another.

We don’t need a revolution of how society views us; we need an evolution of how we see ourselves.

The stigma of aging is a learned behavior imposed upon us by society. The good news is: what is learned can be unlearned.

Many are doing a great job circumventing the prevailing view that aging is undesirable and restricts us.

They understand the mind-body connection; our emotions, feelings, and thoughts affect our body’s physiology. It goes to reason if we stop focusing on the negatives of aging, our very perspective on living will change.

The Key to Aging Is Living

It is true: we change as we age. But why do we blame our forgetfulness on “that was a senior moment”? Or, when our bodies are stiff and uncooperative, we blame it on “this body isn’t what it used to be.”

You are right: it isn’t what it used to be, nor is it what it will become.

We were forgetful when we were younger but did not attach it to youth, and we had aches and pains, perhaps from working out too vigorously, yet we relished in the good sore. We must stop attributing our hindrances to age.

By buying into the mindset that we can’t do something, we are limiting our ability to do it.

The key to aging is living. It starts with unlearning the stigma we have been taught: that once we reach a certain age, being able stops.

I propose we realign our thoughts, moving away from the narratives around aging and explore the power we have to create a better now.

How Do We Evolve Our Mindset?

Research on aging is finding our general outlook and how optimistic we are has an impact on how we feel and also on the way our cells age. It further states that those who live in communities with constant moderate physical activity and where multi-generational social gatherings are customary have longer and healthier lives.

Remember that what we think, the universe will make it so. If we continue to buy into the concept that obsolescence happens with age, it will happen. It is time to forgo outdated beliefs that no longer pertain to our desire to be more.

The choice is ours to make. We simply need to decide to live better. Changing our perspective will change our reality.

We do not become less with time but can become more. Our power resides in focusing on living life to its fullest and leaving the aging to the youngsters.

Image of Jocelyne Beaudoin by David Harry Stewart - The Ageist


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