wash up………of the Election night party

Well I think the Government just might have a worse hangover than me. I’m pretty sure that everyone would agree that Paul our neighbour was the look of the night, a very tight fitting safari suit, with kerchief at the neck a la Don Dunstan.

Sorry no snap, I was juggling hostess duties with my natural inclination to document, hostess won on the night. Other honourable mentions on the costume front Charlie ( the hair!!)and Julie, Alison wearing a dress she bought in Paris in the 70’s, honest and Stephen. Arnold and Chris as always sartorial and then there was Anon in a mullet that I’m calling pre Warnie face work look.

I cooked various Ottolenghi dishes which added another level to hostess duty….the detail!!We had the best waiter EVER his name is Josef and I would seriously recommend him to any party giver.

Thank you everyone for coming…a fun night.

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  1. Looks as if it was a fabulous occasion. If we could only get that crew to Canberra to run the country we would all be better off.

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