Wallawwa – Sri Lanka


Travel writer Lee Tulloch wrote of Sri Lanka “ The schedule for flights to Colombo (from Australia) often means that you arrive and leave in the middle of the night. This gives the illusion that Sri Lanka’s lush and sensual beauty might only be a dream. I have pinched myself but, still, I’m not convinced it was real. I’m afraid I’m going to have to go back soon and find out.”

And so here we are back in Sri Lanka just to make sure the wonderful holiday a few years back … was real. The start of this trip means a return to the wonderful Wallawwa. A small hotel of ten rooms and three suites, conveniently near the airport (but so tranquil it feels as if it were a hundred miles away) it will neatly bookend our stay in Sri Lanka. This old manor house was once the home of the Head Chieftan of Galle.

Set in two acres of lush gardens and a very cool stone pool. We have time for a leisurely breakfast and have one of the best massages we have ever had by Margie in the spa. We will be back in a couple of weeks a wonderful pit stop before heading back to real life.



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