Volubilis, Roman City, Morocco

Just outside of Moulay Indriss you will find the extrodinay Roman ruins called Volubilis.

This is worth a stop, the ruins sit open to all, nothing to stop you wandering over the accient mosaic tiles…
I’m afraid.

Built on a shallow slope below the Zerhoun mountain, Volubilis stands on a ridge above the Wadi Khoumane. It overlooks a rolling fertile plain north of the modern city of Meknes. The area around Volubilis has been inhabited at least since the Late Atlantic Neolithic, some 5,000 years ago; archaeological excavations at the site have found Neolithic pottery of design comparable to pieces found in Iberia.[2] By the third century BC, the Phoenicians had a presence there, as evidenced by the remains of a temple to the Punic god Baal and finds of pottery and stones inscribed in the Phoenician language.[3] The origins of its name are unknown but may be a Latinisation of the Berber word oualilt, meaning oleander, which grows along the sides of the wadi.[4]

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