Farmers and Makers , Local at Learmont’s – Tumut

We took the long way home from the Perisher Big Chill mini break and stopped for lunch at the charming town of Tumut. I went for a wander while slim re-hydrated at the local.

On a side street off the main drag in an old art deco shop you will find Local at Learmont's ... new and wonderful. It is Tumut's regional producers and makers Co-Operative.

This is a helpful and supportive way ... if you are on one of those road trips ... we are all destined to take these holidays - find the local farmers market and help out the locals. A win win. I bought some Vegetable bags made from someone's old lace curtains and my friend Alison's tomato's have never looked more fetching. The blood orange vinegar was always going to make it into my shopping bag.

I just checked out what Local at Learmont's had up on their facebook page and they have Peonies, I'm tempted to jump in the car for a drive now.


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  1. Lovely presentation of what Local at Learmonts is all about. It has been a rough road to get going after the fires but we are slowly getting there.

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