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I noticed Andrija Chapman's lovely little store Homeworks Design Store on South King just before the shutdown. I was delighted, when I noticed, she had opened up again this past month. I dropped in for a chat...

" I opened the store last September I hadn't had a store for a long time I'd been doing the markets and fairs, but the friend that had the shop before asked if I'd like to sub-let. I'd just worked on the latest Marvel Movie in the soft furnishing dept...seven days a week for seven months so I was in a position to finance the shop and then Covid hit.

I'm very proud of the shop and people have been supportive, I've been building my on line presence and that has been good, however it seems the early panic is over they seem to have stopped buying online as much. They do come in here and love what I do but don't spend.

The next few months will be very telling for me. I don't want to stay just for me, obviously, I want to stay in business and earn a living but I don't want another shop to be empty with a for lease sign on it.

The vibe of the shop is retro tropical and Newtown feels like the right market for me. In normal times I'd be really growing.

I love homewares, you can make a home beautiful with some spectacular cushions or a lamp, I collect vintage bases, I love recycling and giving things a new lease of life. I do clothing and bags I 'm trying to cover all the bases".

Drop in and check out Andrija's store 532 King Street Newtown and help support small local shops.


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  1. I’ve been drawn to Andrija’s beautiful store many times on my walks along King Street. Yesterday I went in and came out with some lovely Worthier pants which will work with my fairly neutral wardrobe. However, Andrija’s stock is, on the whole, anything but neutral! My friend, Lindy, who is an “out there” chick, wears Andrija’s prints with great aplomb and boldly mixes and matches them. Today I couldn’t help myself and went back in again to buy a Cotton Village maxi dress in charcoal. It’s the kind of dress I can see myself living in …
    Andrija herself is fabulous. She’s super-friendly and is passionate about tropical designs and fabrics for cushions, bags, lampshades, and clothing. It’s great to see this place coming to life in South King Street which has sadly lost a few businesses lately ( like Milk & Thistle and Read & Bell). I’m certainly doing my bit to support this local business.

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