Village Dance Festival – Ubud – Bali

Images from the Ananda family village festival and dancing, Ubud, Bali, January 2018

Our friends at Ananda Cottages invited us to their Village Dance Festival. The occasion was to welcome the new head of the Youth Cultural Committee and a farewell to the old. The children and youth of the village had been asked to put a modern take on some of the more traditional dances.

Pretty much everyone turns up to these events. All of the villages around Ubud are run by committees and each Village would have a Youth and Cultural committee to ensure the local customs are taught and passed down.

A lot of the dances were hilarious, not that we understood what was being sung. The young men dressed as women trying to copy a traditional dance bought the house down.

We always feel pretty lucky to be included and welcomed on nights like this one.


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  1. This was such a wonderful night … thanks to Dewi from Ananda for inviting us …. The kids were absolutely fantastic, and very very funny (even if we were not quite certain at times what was actually happening).

    Such wonderful talent, beautiful costumes, the ‘stage’ was as always dressed and decorated with thousands of flowers in complex arrangements ….. the local village people crowded in and were fall down laughing at the kids performance.

    What a memorable night .

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