Villa Campuhan – Lumbung


We stayed in Villa Lumbung; ‘Lumbung’ is the Indonesian word for ‘rice barn’. and, indeed, this villa’s design was inspired by several Minangkabau storage structures found in Northern Sumatra around Lake Toba. The complex roofline, landscaped setting, high ceilings, and thick ironwood floors, house a lovely space complete with king-sized bed and bathroom with pond and ocean views. It’s perfect for a couple or single desiring something intimate and special.

All of the villas are sited so they get the best mountain views, sacred Mount Agung and the Seraya mountain range, and the best sunrises and sunsets and to catch the sweetest breezes.

The pavilions sit about 10 feet above the ground on huge stones. This sort of construction makes them less vulnerable to earthquake activity. Which is comforting.



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