US Election – Could Women Save the Day for Biden?

Women's March, New York, Jan 21st 2017

I wrote this after Trump had won the last election and after I had marched in New York with Hundreds of thousand women.

The hope for this election is that these women will help vote this hideous human out of office.

I left my hotel, The Jane, early and headed up town to Number one Dag. At New York Time Square I just followed the pink pussy hats, as had Helen Mirren, who spoke before the Women’s march with others and Whoopi Goldberg.

The start of the march was at one Trump tower and finished at another. As the march reached the Trump Tower, the home on 5th Ave, the bells of the church across the road tolled Halllelujah.

This march was huge, not just the main march that made its way up Manhatten but on the streets adjacent, thousands of people joined.

Let’s hope this can build, because the people I talked to on the day are sad, horrified and scared that this has happened in their country.

These NYT articles talk about the women’s vote and influence this time around…Links Below



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  1. Oh I desperately hope so. 4 more years of this man will see irreparable damage to not only the USA but the world.

    Fingers crossed and perhaps it’s time for a little prayer ……

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