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Ubud Pilates - The wonderful Asa


During a previous trip to Ubud I went in search of a Pilates studio/teacher. I had started doing the odd class at my local gym and realized it was the way to ensure I would be able to lift and carry my 10+kilo camera bag into my dotage.

Ubud is carpeted with Yoga classes/teachers and studios so I imagined Pilates would be every  where. Only Asa’s “Ubud Pilates” came up in a goggle search. Luckily she is the most wonderful teacher and the healthiest looking person I have ever met.

I started in the beginner, because I had no idea how good the class I had been doing in Sydney was, it was a good choice. The classes are small, only eight students, so bookings are tight.

If you are unsure how advanced the work you have doing at home is, book a private class first.

The classes are held in a purpose built little studio beside Asa’s home and a little tricky to find, there are very detailed directions on her Site.

On the latest trip I moved into the Intermediate class, and now my classes in Sydney are left wanting!




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  1. Thanks to you and your wonderful recommendation, I was lucky enough to benefit from a private class with Asa during my last visit to Ubud and I concur whole heartedly, Asa is amazing. Not only is she a great teacher and provides instruction that you can take away with you, the setting is lovely and a pretty special place to do a wonderful class.

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