Ubud Pilates, Ubud, Bali – The Best!

Images from Ubud Pilates, Panestanan, Ubud, Bali, January 2018

On this latest trip to Ubud I was delighted and relieved to find Ubud Pilates and the wonderful Asa (pronounced EY-Sah) Brynvall - not just still in operation - but with a great new and improved Studio.

Asa is the BEST Pilates instructor I have ever come across ... and such a lovely person ..... very selfishly I would love her to move to Sydney... but it is a comfort to know she is still in operation in Ubud.  I know Bali is Yoga Central but do yourself and body a huge favour and give one of Asa's classes a go. There are various levels, one on one classes. You will leave with the basics of Pilates imprinted which is a great start if you are a beginner and a wonderful reboot for the old hands.

This is from her website...

Asa has a Certificate IV in Pilates Mat Work Instruction. As part of her education through Polestar Pilates, she has been trained in Australia, the UK and the Philippines. Asa is very grateful to have been mentored by physiotherapist Jenni Guest, who was recognised as the Best Polestar Educator in Australia 2008. Asa also holds a Certificate III in Fitness and is a certified Group Fitness Instructor as well as a qualified Indoor Cycling Instructor.

Asa’s Swedish heritage is reflected in her thorough and methodical approach to Pilates. Exercise has been an integral part of Asa’s lifestyle for as long as she can remember and she is delighted to be able to share her knowledge and passion through our studio here in Ubud.

Why Pilates?

There are many reasons why Pilates has become so popular throughout the world. Physiotherapists recommend it for its’ remedial qualities, professional athletes use it to enhance their performance and celebrities have increased the general awareness of Pilates’ many benefits within the community.

Working on a mat and using various props, you will be guided through a series of controlled movements, using your body weight as resistance. Over time you will master the underlying principles of lateral breathing, engagement of your core musculature, alignment and mind-body connection.

Pilates movements can be modified for anyone at any fitness level, and will challenge even the most advanced athlete.
More importantly, what could Pilates do for you?


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