Temple Market, Kyoto, Japan -Treasure hunting

Treasure hunting at a temple market in Kyoto with the master treasure hunter ... Julie Pierce what a treat. Looking at the images I'm wondering why I just didn't book a container. These markets are where Julie has sourced a lot of the beautiful elements for her house in Osaka.

Kyoto’s flea markets are set up on the grounds of temples, shrines and parks, making a treasure hunt synonymous with relaxing strolls through breathtaking surroundings. Most markets are held on a fixed date every month. There’s at least one per week, and thus a stay in Kyoto of more than a few days should present an opportunity to visit one.

Usually, the markets tend to be open longer in the evenings if the weather is better (in summer) and close earlier in winter. And, as a quick piece of advice, don’t forget to bring enough 1000 yen bills and coins. This will make sure you can instantly get a hold of the treasures you’ve found.


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