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Travel essentials - the Black Jam


Ever stood behind someone getting on a plane carrying their pillow, that’s not me. We have very few travel essentials but they are crucial to maintaining a happy and collegiate journey.

Anon has to have his coffee, you may argue that the world is full of wonderful coffee (with the exception of America) however we live around the corner from The Best coffee in Australia…voted by magazines and newspapers, if you don’t trust our taste buds. Campos Coffee, go on check it out.

Since I gave up coffee and moved onto green tea,  I take a small teapot. We don’t leave the house without Vegemite, a given.

Then the only other item is our small Bose speaker, music the one true essential!






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  1. Urth Cafe in Los Angeles: Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Downtown and West Hollywood has good coffee by any standards

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