Tramsheds – Glebe

Let me save you some time.

I went to the new Tramsheds precinct in Glebe and decided it was a foodhall with restaurant prices and incredibly over-hyped as a destination.

The restoration of the old sheds is well done but the fit-out is souless and just because you write craft all over the walls doesn’t make something special. The lunch we had at a place called Bekya did a very very sad impression of a mixed Lebanese plate. Altho Anon said his lamb was good.

If you are go, hoping for a Carriage Farmersmarket experience or even an upmarket supermarket….forget it. You’ll do a better shop at Broadway, and I hate that place.

If this is what we get with all of the new developement about to hit Sydney, then we are being fed the same bullshit that Baird talks about when he talks less congestion on our roads…… by building Tollways to Nowhere.


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  1. That’s so funny Lorrie. I have been trying so hard to like the Tramsheds. My husband David can’t stand it. We had a good dinner at 1904 but I doubt we will go back.

  2. I agree. It’s just fake. The bit of attitude from the staff doesn’t help. Is the squid fresh or frozen. Uh I believe it’s fresh — do you really want me to check? Yes please. Uh, it’s frozen.

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